Tuesday, July 1, 2014

spirit of the forest...

Invocation of the great verility spirit of the forest and field. Known as Sacharuna in the amazon, Pan in Greece and by many names all over the world. In Cascadia we can know him as Skookum, Sasquatch, Bigfoot. In Nepal, he is known as the Yeti, the Yeti is known to kidnap humans and teach them to be shaman. Just as in the amazon Sacharuna is know to do the same. All are spirits of great magic and mischief and frequently terror. These great spirits may be just one spirit with many masks made of the land they live upon. In Basque land he is a long haired man, with long silky hair all over his body, and he does the same the world over.
This is an invocation created for friends... I hope it treats you all well and brings you back to the wild of cascadia.

Klaksta (any) mesachie tumtum(bad spirits within), pe (and) mesachie tohmahnawis (bad spirit outside of someone) klatawa (begone)! Kopa (in) mika (thee) yahhul (name) of mika (thee) ellip (first) tahmahnawis (magic) pe (and) mika (thee) Sagalie tyee (great spirit)!

Skookum Illahee (big foot, spirit/power of the land) saqalie (of the spirit world),chako (come here).
Chant 108 times while hitting sticks together.
Potlatch (give) nesika (us) sagalee (sacred) skookum illahee  tahmahnawis (pan magick)
Nesika (we) potlatch (give) mika (thee) mukmuk (salmon, black berries,)
Give offering under a tree
Chant above chant another 108,times clicking sticks together
Receive blessing of skookum illahee in dance while clicking sticks together.
Become wild... Go into the night